10 Simple Ways to Ensure You Detox Daily

There is no doubt embarking on a detoxification program at least once a year has huge health benefits over the short term and long term. I am a huge advocate of regularly undertaking a well-planned detox and love to see how fantastic my clients look and feel after they make it through to the end of their detox. Some of the many reported benefits include feeling lighter and brighter, more energy, clear skin, resolution of digestive discomforts, clarity of thought, better sleep and in some cases a loss of a few kilo's...yay to that!

However detoxification is an ongoing process that occurs 365 days of the year regardless if you are undertaking a planned detox or not. The difference being the efficiency and effectiveness of your body’s ability to eliminate these toxins completely and successfully.

We are bombarded with environmental toxins continually and there’s no real way of escaping them completely. The body is also continually producing it’s own toxins as a by-product of the many metabolic reactions occurring in the body daily. This equates to a fairly heavy work load for those organs involved in the detoxification process.

Successful detoxification involves the transformation of a toxin, mostly by the liver, in a 2 step process known as phase 1 and phase 2, after which the toxin is ready to be eliminated via the bowel, kidneys and to a lesser extent the skin and lungs. During phase 1 the toxin is modified to a more reactive compound which can potentially cause damage (think free radical’s) if phase 2 doesn’t occur simultaneously and at the same rate as phase 1.

It doesn’t take much to throw the balance between phase 1 and phase 2 thanks to an increase in unhealthy gut flora, ongoing exposure to a vast array of chemicals, heavy pollution and prescription medications (phase 1 inducers). Couple that with heavily processed diets low in vegetables and fibre and high in animal protein, grains, sugar, caffeine and alcohol and you have the recipe for declining health, inflammation and disease.

Some of the signs your detoxification capacity is waning include;

  •  Nausea on rising and after fatty foods
  • Perfumes and strong smells make you feel sick
  • Unexplained skin rashes including eczema, psoriasis and acne
  • Dull complexion
  • Chronic constipation
  • Bloating and irregular bowel patterns
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • PMS
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Brain fog, difficulty concentrating and poor memory
  • Bad breath and strong smelling sweat
  • Just generally feeling ‘blah’

If you have answered yes to one or more then it is highly likely your detoxification capacity is compromised and it’s time to seriously consider committing to a detox program. In the mean time, take action and make a start by implementing some or all of these

10 simple suggestions to help ensure you are detoxing daily.

  1. Eat your broccoli – By far one of the most important things you can do to ensure you detoxing well is to eat a wide range of organic or well washed green and brightly coloured vegetables daily. These provide anti-oxidants and other nutrients needed for phase 2 liver detoxification. A real superstar is broccolli and the other cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and kale). These contain an amazing nutrient called sulforaphane, a well known cancer fighting agent and a potent inducer of phase 2 liver detoxification. Also be sure to include plenty of onion, garlic, eggs and drink green tea daily as these also support phase 2 liver detoxification.
  2. Filter your drinking water and aim for at least 1.5 – 2L a day to really flush your kidneys and aid in the removal of many water soluble toxins. The kidneys are often overlooked but are one of the major detoxification organs of the body.
  3. Start the day with lemon water – either a warm glass of water with half a lemon squeezed in or 1-2 tsp of apple cider vinegar (ACV) in a large glass of water to stimulate bile flow and cleanse the liver ready for the day ahead.
  4. Don’t accept constipation as your normal – A major path of elimination for many toxins is via the bowel, and regular daily bowel motions are a must. If you are struggling here ensure your water intake is at least 1.5L a day and you are getting adequate fibre. Plant foods provide fibre so increase your vegetable intake and try bringing in more nuts, seeds, beans and lentils (start slowly if they cause bloating). Sometimes rectifying constipation can be as simple as starting your day with some lemon water or ACV each morning on rising.
  5. Get some form of exercise daily – Another major player in daily detoxification is the lymphatic system which relies heavily on the pumping action of the muscles (particularly in the lower limbs) to stimulate the flow of lymph through the body. The lymphatic system is often referred to as the ‘garbage collection system’ as it is continually removing waste products from the blood stream and transporting them to be eliminated.
  6. Make dry skin brushing part of your daily routine – Dry skin brushing before your bath or shower stimulates circulation and removes old skin cells while also stimulating the lymphatic system. Using a natural bristle brush use sweeping motions towards the heart.
  7. Alkalise your body! – When the body is slightly alkaline the ability of the body to detoxify and remove water soluble toxins via the kidneys is increased. You can achieve this by ensuring you have a high vegetable intake (7+ a day) as vegetables tend to be high in the alkalising mineral potassium. If you are struggling to reach your vegetable intake try making yourself a green smoothie on a regular basis.
  8. Detox your skin care products – including hand and body washes. You are most likely using these more than once a day which means they can be a repeated source of toxin exposure. Chemicals commonly found in many skin care products include parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, petrochemicals and minerals oils. These absorb directly through your skin and into your blood stream and need to be detoxified by the liver. Make the change to natural plant based make-up, skin and body care ranges that omit all these nasties (my favourites are Antipodes and Trilogy).
  9. Keep that bile flowing – good bile flow is so important when it comes to detoxifying successfully. Bile acts like a natural lubricant to help keep everything moving through the bowel nicely while also acting as a major vehicle for the removal of toxins. Bitter foods such as sliverbeet (chard), rocket, dandelion greens, jerursalam artichoke and kale to name a few stimulate bitter taste receptors on the tongue which in turn triggers the production and release of bile from the liver and gallbladder supporting daily detoxification.
  10. Show your liver some love – There are some amazing herbs clinically proven support the liver in it’s role as chief detox organ. St Mary’s Thistle, Turmeric, Schisandra, Dandelion root and Globe artichoke are all invaluable and can be taken over the long term. Talk to your natural health practitioner about which herbs would be best for you. These can be taken in tea, tablet or in a liquid herbal mix formulated by a qualified Naturopath or Herbalist.

Even a few small changes is a step in the right direction, or if you are feeling ready to really go for it and commit to detox program I promise you your body will love you for it.


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