Consultation Fee's

Initial Naturopathic Consultation ​

​Allow 60 – 70 mins $130.00

Follow-Up Naturopathic Consultation 

Up to 45 mins $95.00

Initial Naturopathic Consultation and Follow up 

Allow up to an hour ​ – $90.00

An acute consultation can be ideal if you are after a liquid herbal formula or herbal/nutritional advice and supplements for relatively simple conditions such as;

  • colds, flu and sinus congestion,

  • sore throat and/or cough (adults and children),

  • short term bout of insomnia or short term stress management, 

25 mins $55.00

Please note consultation prices do not include herbal or nutritional supplements

100ml liquid herbal tincture

$25 – $35 depending on herbs used

200ml liquid herbal tincture

$45 – $55 depending on herbs used

500mL liquid herbal tincture


Any prescribed nutritional or herbal supplements are an added cost on top of your consultation fee’s. ​ The total cost of supplements prescribed will vary from person to person to person however I do my best to work with your budget. The supplements I do prescribe are of the highest quality and are mostly ‘practitioner only’ meaning they are only accessiable after after an in-clinic or zoom consultation. My favourite and most trusted supplement brands I use include Orthoplex, Metagenics, Mediherb, Eagle, Bioceuticals Clinical, RN Labs and Biomedica. Prices will vary depending on the product.

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