Healthy Weight Management

Are you committed to losing weight but are confused about which approach to take?

Weight loss occurs when there is a deficit between the amount of energy you take in (food + drink) verses the amount of energy you expend. Although this sounds simple enough, many would agree that it is not as easy as this and even if food intake is reduced (quite drastically in some cases) weight loss is next to non existent, or not sustainable (sigh…)

A naturopathic approach to successful weight management takes the focus away from calorie counting and restrictive eating and focus’s on quality, nutrient dense healthy foods which are delicious and satisfying.

An evidenced based naturopathic approach to weight loss ensures you are working with your body, not against it.

Providing your body with quality protein, healthy fats and the right type and quantities of carbohydrate foods will help support safe and long term weight loss.

​Specific nutrients and herbs are used to support a healthy metabolism, stabilise blood sugar levels (imperative for successful weight loss), increase energy levels and increased satiety (feelings of fullness). However for some there may be underlying issues which can hinder successful weight loss including;

This is why a one size fits all approach does not work with weight loss. Our bodies all work differently and identifying any areas where extra support may be needed can make all the difference. A thorough case history taken at your first appointment helps to identify these area’s and allows an individualised plan to be created that takes your needs into account.
Recommended eating and lifestyle guidelines are aimed at educating you to make life long changes that will see you maintain a healthy weight for life and most importantly have you looking amazing and feeling fabulous!