Functional Pathology Testing

In some situations more in depth testing may be needed to gain a clear understanding of the underlying drivers of some health conditions. Functional pathology testing can provide valuable information which may be missed with usual routing testing through your GP or other health practitioner.

Some of the more common testing used by Melanie in her clinical practice include;

DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. It is an advanced hormone test done in the comfort of your own home. Four urine samples are taken over a 24 hour period and then sent to the lab. The urine samples are used to measures sex hormones, adrenal hormones and melatonin along with their metabolites and can identify areas of hormonal imbalance. This test can be extremely useful in those cases where there is a more complex hormonal picture such as fertility problems, irregular cycles, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), PMS, PMDD, moodiness, anxiety and insomnia. It also provides valuable information on hormone detoxification and can identify undesirable estrogen metabolism.

DUTCH Complete (including shipping and handling) – $381.00

It is thought that SIBO is the underlying cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in close to 80% of cases.  Bacteria levels in the small intestine should remain relatively low however in SIBO bacteria levels are much higher than they should be.  High bacteria levels in the small intestine create an excess of gas which can be measured with a breath test. 


The SIBO breath test is carried out over 3 hours.  Breath samples are taken at regular intervals after a challenge solution of lactulose is swallowed.   Levels of hydrogen or methane that climb above normal levels within 90 minutes are indicative of SIBO.


The SIBO breath test is carried out in your own home after a 24 hour preparation diet.


SIBO lactulose breath test – $189.00

Do you suspect SIBO? Take the SIBO quiz here.

Pyrrole disorder occurs due to abnormally high levels of a chemical known as hydroxyhaemopyrrolin-2-one (HPL or pyrroles for short) that build up in the body.  High HPL levels have been linked to a wide range of mental health disorders including anxiety and depression as well as learning and behavioural disorders in children.  Pyrrole disorder is thought to affect up to 35% of the population already diagnosed with a mental health disorder. 

A simple urine sample is used to test for HPL levels, this can be done in your own home. 

Kyrptopyrroles urine test  – $120

Identifying a food intolerance can be difficult.  Unlike a true food allergy which often presents as an acute set of symptoms quickly after ingestion or exposure to the allergen, a food intolerance can be much harder to detect due to the delayed onset of symptoms.  The gold standard for identifying a food intolerance is an elimination and re-challenge diet, however this can be tricky to follow and confusing.  An IgG Food Intolerance test can help streamline an elimination diet,  taking the guess work out of it.   This test is a blood sot test which is sent to the lab for analysis.  We then go through the report at your next appointment, including dietary advice on which foods need to be avoided.   


IgG Food Intolerance testing –  $290.00

MTHFR is short for an enzyme in the body called Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase.  This enzyme is responsible for the conversion of folic acid from the food we eat (and supplements) into its active metabolite so it can then be used in an important biochemical pathway known as methylation.  However, it is believed that up to 40% of the general population has a genetic mutation (SNP) that affects how well this methylation process happens. 


Unfortunately impaired methylation can have many negative consequences over the long term, including reduced capacity to detoxify chemicals and heavy metals, impaired neurotransmitter production affecting mental health, reduced fertility, higher risk of cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline and increased risk of cancer.


MTHFR Blood spot or Buccal swab test – $50.00

The Microba Insights gut microbiome test can give you valuable information regarding the current health of your microbiome.

Learn which microorganisms are in your gut and what they might be doing.

Learn which foods can be added to your diet to promote a healthy microbiome.

Monitor how your gut microbiome changes with lifestyle adjustments such as making changes to your diet and/or exercise habits.
Identify overgrowths of a particular species within your microbiome that might be contributing to digestive issues.


Cost $349